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ABC Gum - New Arcade LP

ABC Gum - New Arcade LP


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Vinyl version of ABC Gum's debut LP. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. 

This groovy Bloomington, Indiana quartet is made up of four guys who all write and
sing. Members have played in The Cowboys, Defiance Ohio, The Dancing Cigarettes and others.
Yes, they are definitely influenced by late-60s bubblegum music: Kasenetz-Katz
productions, Tommy James, the Banana Splits, etc. But they are also interested in
writing catchy pop songs in a general sense. I guess you could call some of it power pop, but I’m gonna choose to NOT use that term—it’s tired. And these dudes sound excited!

Bubblegum Music reimagined. Chewed up and spit out from the heartland, just south of the Great Lakes.