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The Lord Almightys X-Ray Eyes CD/7" Hybrid Record

The Lord Almightys X-Ray Eyes CD/7" Hybrid Record


THE LORD ALMIGHTYS are a trashy and classy garage-punk four-piece based in Toronto. Their songs are short, loud and catchy, inspired by The Nerves, Wire, The Stooges and the Halifax Pop Explosion, and their shows are wild and fun enough to land the band gigs at wrestling matches (true story).

Singer Myles Deck, guitarist Carla Gillis and bassist Gerry Hubley were all active members of the Halifax music scene in the 90s and 00s, playing in touring bands that included Plumtree, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Minivan Halen and the still active Cauldron (from Toronto). Drummer Stephen Bowles, meanwhile, was in Toronto's DCT.

Feeling nostalgic for their Nova Scotia upbringings, the members came together in a cramped Toronto jam space in 2014 to sing Barrett's Privateers and toss off fast and dirty ditties, a handful of which were captured on tape (or maybe digitally) by Sloan's Patrick Pentland in March 2015. Then Death from Above 1979's Jesse Keeler worked his mastering magic.

Toronto's We Are Busy Bodies is set to release three tracks on a vinyl-CD hybrid format on January 8, 2016. The Lord Almightys will be playing a record release show on December 18 at Handlebar in Toronto and will have new dates to announce in the New Year.

A compact disc that also plays on a turntable. This release contains three songs, two which will play in any CD player or computer, and a different song that will play on a record player.

Track Listing:

  1. X-Ray Eyes (7” track)
  2. White Denim (CD track)
  3. Stay On My Side (CD track)