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Dollarama - Revisited 10"

Dollarama - Revisited 10"


Dollarama was a project that existed for just under two years. Those years were 2005 and 2006 although recollections are hazy and Google was used to loosely confirm. It was based in Toronto and managed to become something bigger than its open-ended membership anticipated. The founding principle of each live performance was for each member to spend no more than $25, with each “instrument” costing $1 plus applicable provincial taxes or less.

Dollarama performed at festivals (Montreal Fringe Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, Toronto International Film Festival), were written about objectively and subjectively in major national publications and managed to win the hearts of some while creating disdain with others.

Core members have gone on to perform in DD/MM/YYYY, Absolutely Free, Neon Windbreaker and sports journalism careers.

Dollarama is reissuing four of six songs recorded in 2006 as a 10” record. All six songs were initially released as a CD entitled "Where’s The Music? The record is entitled Dollarama Revisited. Limited to 20 copies on clear lathe cut vinyl. Comes with digital download. 


A1: Swollen Gumbs

A2: Night Terrors

B1: Yalp Yalp Yalp

B2: Play Play Play