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Neon Windbreaker - New Sky 7"

Neon Windbreaker - New Sky 7"


Second release by Toronto punks Neon Windbreaker. Co-release with Scion Sessions. Record is free to order. Shipping not included.


“Finally… something riotous enough to hold by your side and run amok with.” This Is Fake DIY

“filth-crusted and deranged punk rock, constantly in the red and constantly in danger of falling to bits.” Crack In The Road

“… a rousing roar and rough riffs ploughing into hardy drums.” The 405

“… the band’s music is characterised by volume, ideas and brevity. Especially brevity.” Clash


Limited to 500 copies. 


Track Listing:

A1. Jamesbud
A2. Younger
A3: Nails
B1: New Sky
B2: Pink Suit